Before We Begin

Before we actually begin, we will meet or talk over the phone to discuss in detail the nature of the project, expectations, timeline, as well as fees and other potential costs involved so that realistic goals and timelines are set and mutually agreed upon.

I will listen as well as ask lots of related questions about the project. This allows me the opportunity to learn more about my clients themselves as well as their wishes, needs, challenges, motivations and aspirations. Additionally, it further aids to generate more ideas and thought processes into what they are trying to achieve overall and how.

My Fees

My fees will vary depending on the length and complexity of the project being considered for editing. I charge by the hour for smaller editing jobs and charge a flat fee for larger projects to keep costs reasonable. I generally require between a 25-50% deposit up front for my services for the longer, more in-depth projects.

Especially for first-time clients of mine, I request a small sampling of their work so I can also gauge the type and extent of editing that is required. I will also edit the sample for their review and consideration as well as provide explanations to the changes I made. This will not only serve to show the value-add and improved quality that I can bring to their work but also will mirror how we would actually work together during the editing process.

During the Project

Once the project is underway, I stay in regular contact with my clients submitting edited files for mutual review, updating them on my progress, and asking for clarification whenever necessary. I use Microsoft Word (MS Office) 2016 in the editing and tracking mode so that my clients can readily see all their original work (words) as well as my suggested changes, recommendations, and comments for their approval.  

I offer a very open, interactive, and educational process with my clients which, in turn, greatly encourages them to draw out and produce their best work. This also helps my clients build confidence in their work and their own abilities, often times surpassing what they initially believed they could achieve! 

My Goal

My goal is to provide the written medium to clearly and creatively convey my client’s vision, message, or story to match their target audience. I also make it my business to protect my client’s integrity 100%, ensuring that there is absolutely nothing that can be misunderstood or misconstrued as offensive or inappropriate in their material that I review and in the editing that I provide.

I make it my business to have my clients’ best interests at the heart of what I do… and in all that I do for them!