My Passion for Editing

I accredit my early training and education of the English language to my father, who sadly passed away in January of 2017 and who I continue to miss every single day. Born and raised in London, England, he was a master of the English language (although he first learned to speak French fluently by the time he was 2 1/2 years old!) I guess you could say that he was grooming me (as well as my two younger sisters) from day one to properly speak the Queen's English--constantly correcting what came out of each of our mouths--much to our chagrin at the time!!

Fast forward many years later, even after attaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Math (with a minor in Psychology) and working in the technology industry for many years, I found myself editing all kinds of projects for my friends, co-workers, husband, kids, and other family members and soon came to realize that I truly had both a gift and a passion for doing this kind of work all along!  (A dear high school friend of mine recently reminded me that I used to help out our Grade 12 English teacher with grading papers!)

And so began my editing career. Since 2007, I have been professionally editing, co-writing and/or proofreading business and personal correspondence, speeches, PowerPoint presentations, applications, brochures, real estate marketing booklets and newsletters, and thousands of animation scripts for children’s TV programs. Additionally,  I have experience and expertise in the specialized Descriptive Video Service (DVS) arena which is a writing service for televised programs for the vision impaired. In 2011, I expanded my editing services to include working with authors of fictional and non-fictional books (including memoirs), poetry, and song lyrics.

I love the English language and all of its complexities and relish in my ability to have fun with it while still giving homage to proper grammar and usage! (I think my Dad would be very proud!)

My Specialties

I pride myself in my thoroughness and attention to detail and style pertaining to catching redundancies and inconsistencies, as well as in my extensive knowledge of grammar including but not limited to run-on sentences, dangling modifiers, gerunds, syntax, punctuation (misuse of the “comma” is usually the biggest culprit!), proper word usage and multiple definitions, synonyms, spelling, etymology, puns, play on words, double (and even triple) entendres!

Additionally, I have a particular penchant and ability for finding just the right adjective to effect the desired tone and mood coupled with a meticulous use of nuances! I pay extremely close attention to words which have multiple meanings (and there are a plethora of them in the English language with its many idioms and dialects!) and offer suitable alternatives where there are mismatched or unintended meanings among the author’s chosen words.

My Services

Editorial Skills
Copy-Editing | Proof-Reading | Descriptive Video Services (DVS) | Dialect Editing | Structural Editing | Stylistic Editing

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